5 Easy Steps to Making the Perfect Don King Halloween Costume

Don King, the legendary boxing promoter is a well-known cultural figure and a wonderful choice for a Halloween costume. He is well known for his flamboyant hair promoting some of the biggest games in the sport. He is credited with promoting through Mike Tyson's rise and fall and has promoted struggle with Muhammed Ali, George Foreman and Evander Holyfield. He is a popular media character and has often appeared on chat shows and in sitcoms. Not only did he make cameos in many movies and TV shows, but in an episode of 1996 of the animated show The Simpsons, a boxing promoter was presented that was drawn to look exactly like him. While the character was not expressed by the real Don, king, but by someone who played him in a movie, the tribute to the original is still understood.

Don King is a great choice for a Halloween costume if you are an older gentleman with some extra weight in your mid section, but even if you are not, don't let that stop you. The classic image of Don King is very easy to put together. The first element is his clothes. Because he is often photographed in the games he has marketed, he is best known in a suit or a tuxedo. There are many different types of tuxedos but tend to tend towards the classic black and white.

His famous hairstyle can be created if you have similar hair, with a good amount of hair spray, he confesses to use Aquanet to steal it every day. If you do not have their very distinctive color and texture of hair, you may need to get a wig. There are many sources to find good Don King wigs online. Once you have ordered your wig and you have your tuxedo, you need some classic Don King accessories. He wears prescription glasses with a thin gold rim, and these are quite easy to get. If you can't find a cheap version with glasses lenses in them (which you can pop out) you might find some in a goodwill deal.

The other must have accessories for a Don King suit is a cigar. He is often photographed smoking cigars in the classic image of the successful businessman who just made a lot of money.

When you are equipped with clothes and glasses and cigar, you need to let go of some of this man's words. He has some of the most outlandish quotes on record, including "I am one of the world's great survivors. I will always survive because I have the right combination of white, gravel and shit." and, "I am the living certificate of the American dream. I am the extension of this great nation." As can be seen from the last quotation, he also has a reputation for creating words. During your night as Don King, get lost with this new ability. Practice using words like "trickeration" and "besmirchify" in a sentence, and don't stop there. Go ahead and use this night as Don King to add as many words as possible to the English language. This is superpower that comes with any real Don King costume.