An Introduction To Nails

Many believe that having nice nails is very important and appealing. However, it is a pleasure to look at beautiful manicured nails. Attractive and long nails look elegant and sophisticated. Flawlessly manicured nails can generally say a lot about a person's style and confidence. Nails grow from the area under the reason, which is called the matrix. The living part of the nail is called as the matrix and the cuticle is the layer of skin that protects it. It is very important for nail strength and growth. The growth of new nail cells in the matrix pushes older nail cells towards the fingertips and becomes difficult.

Heredity and health are generally the determining factors for how quickly nails grow. The nails grow about 0.1 millimeters a day. This means that it takes a fingernail about four to six months to completely rebuild. Healthy nails are usually smooth and without cracks or white spots. They are uniform in shade and texture and are free from any form of discoloration. Nails generally grow faster in summer than in winter. It is observed that nails on the dominant hand grow faster. The optimum and practical length of the nails depends on the person's activities and lifestyle. It is advisable to remember that the nail tip cannot extend beyond one third of the nail body. The nails break less often when they are equally long.

It is very important to keep the nails without nail polish once at a time so that they can breathe. It is also advisable to keep a hand cream or cream near the sink. It is also important to wear gloves while doing household work or gardening and rubbing cream in your hands before putting on the gloves.