How to Become a Flirt Master – 5 Flirting Tips to Seduce Women Out of Your League

It may seem that some guys were only born with natural seduction skills, but it is simply untrue – everyone must learn these skills from somewhere. Use these 5 tips to immediately become a master flirt when working with women …

Using these 4 tips will make you feel more comfortable with women, and before long she will be all yours. Go out and enjoy your time with the woman of your choice without feeling threatened by the so-called "pro" flirts.

How to Become a Flirtant – 5 Flirting Tips to Seduce Women from Your League

First Tip: Become a man who is worthy of longing. Straight, groom and always dress to kill, because that is the basis of your social success. Get a fashionable hairstyle and don't be afraid to exfoliate and moisturize if you want a woman to give you a real chance.

Other Tips: Work on your personality until it's impressive in itself. Trust is like the mind muscle and developing it will lead to a better personality.

Practice using humor as an icebreaker, and also work with your ability to engage in small talk. Keep the call as long as you can.

Third tip: Choose a girl you are attracted to and work on learning what she likes and doesn't like.

Then, when you meet her next, give her a gift that you know she would like and spend time talking about things that interest her. This shows her that you really made her an important priority and she will swell in no time.

Fourth Tip: Don't be afraid to throw some money around. Take your chosen women out to town for fine dining, a movie (her pick) or a resort.

She will really dig you now, and she'll show it through her appearance, how she touches you or straight up kissing. If you treat her with care and pay attention to her wishes, she will be happy to dance to your ancestral song.

Fifth Tip: Use hidden seduction techniques. Such a technique, called fractionation, is known to be able to make any woman in love very quickly – often in 14 minutes or less. It is amazingly powerful and controversial at the same time.