Remington Shine Therapy Hair Dryer – Why I Think It’s the Best Hair Dryer

It is now possible to buy a salon quality hair dryer at a much lower price range than you ever expected. Remington Shine Therapy Hairdryer is a professional quality dryer with top features. For the daily home user or the working hairdresser, it is a product that delivers the latest technological advances that leave the hair shinier and healthier than ever. While it can easily be compared to very expensive dryers, it is sold for just forty dollars!

Still, there are many other things besides the price tag that makes the Remington D444 Shine Therapy dryer the best hair dryer on the market right now. The minute you watch the dryer itself, you see that this is not your average hair accessory. The very innovative design is very stylish and modern with a completely shaped shape. While it alone selects most consumers' curiosity, the features of the design are worth checking out.

The Remington Shine Therapy Dryer definitely lives up to its name. In addition to the basic ionic technology known to leave the hair shinier than a regular hair dryer, this one releases a very light moisture drop onto the hair, giving a beautiful shine that makes your hair look very lively. This mist is actually a combination of avocado oil and vitamin-rich moisturizers. It is designed to give your hair the extra sparkle by giving the essential vitamins it needs to really shine it, best including A, D and E.

Your hair will never be left greasy or balanced by this gentle mist, and you have complete control over how often and when it is sprayed while drying and styling your hair. The dimming button is very easy to reach and will only spray when you press it yourself. You are in full control, and your hair becomes more beautiful than ever the more it is used!

The only slight downfall to some consumers is that Remington Shine Therapy hair dryer works with disposable cartridges, which must be purchased to keep the gloss function. Most consumers believe that this is a small price to pay, given the fantastic shine and health that comes with it. Each cartridge lasts about thirty uses, so you don't have to change very often!